The Coup That No One Noticed

Any student of history cannot help but be amazed at how often the palace guard becomes the palace elite, often only to be thrown over in their turn by the new palace guard. From the Akkadians who arrived as guests and then rose to overthrow the Sumerians, to Salvador Allende who ushered the Generals into power by committing suicide, shooting himself in the back 33 times.

It is with this understanding that constant wars on the frontiers is good for business. Not only is there the usual plunder and war profiteering but it is really the only way to maintain a standing army. What any leader comes to realize is that the greater danger is an army with nothing to do.

The US Armed Forces have done an admiral job of staying busy while building a combine that is a juggernaut. What the outgoing President Eisenhower referred to as the military/industrial complex has become a powerhouse that moves mountains of money. Hundreds of thousands of people have a vested interest in a strong military; and so we have one.

These appear to be the same powers that helped get Donald Trump elected. They appear to have a plan and that plan appears to be opposed to the Globalist’s plan, which pleases me. On top of that  President Trump is turning out to be not horrible. So I’m not going to get into whether this is good or bad or worse. It’s done and no one called to ask me what I think.

I think removing the group in power and replacing them with the military is an old tradition. Our guys pulled it off quite smoothly, no jets over the White house, no tanks firing on the Congress. They’ve got the Donald in the front seat but who is really working the controls?

So let’s wait and see. Somebody has to be the boss, maybe these guys won’t be so bad and we can avoid the abuses that typically accompany a coup. Maybe, just maybe they do have the best of intentions and they will fade back into the shadows once the job is done. Maybe, but the Rubicon has been crossed. The generals are in control. It may have been done legally but make no mistake, it was a coup.

Let’s see what happens next, I can’t wait.

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