On Syria

Lately, especially during the recent Presidential transition, many pundits have opined about the Obama administration’s failure to commit American troops to “win the fight” against Syria. Setting aside the fact that there have been American troops operating in Syria for several years without Syria’s consent, I found myself wondering how the nation of Syria became an existential threat to the United States. What threat do they pose that is so extreme that it requires the spilling of the blood of American soldiers?

Is it because the democratically elected President Bashar Al-Assad is a tyrant? There are far worse tyrants in the world, most not elected, whom we have no interest in removing. Is Syria a threat to her neighbors? Since being crushed in combat by the Israelis several years ago their foreign policy has been mostly focused inwards. Does Syria have weapons of mass destruction? They did have small stores of sarin gas, not enough to threaten us, which they gave up several years ago. So what is the issue?

There was no Syrian civil war before the Obama administration set Hillary Clinton to destabilize the Middle East. Many of the same actors who were involved in the overthrow of Quadaffi can be found among the “freedom fighters”/ terrorists fighting against the government of Syria. There are some indications that they were ferried to the Syrian border in US Army trucks. That we are supporting them is an open secret. If the tables were turned and Syria were financing a rebel army that took over our cities and killed our citizens we would have cause to “take them out”. Regrettably that is not the case. Syria has not attacked us nor have they financed anyone else to attack us that we know of. So what is the issue?

The streams of refugees moving north into Europe revive cultural memories of the Turkish Army’s invasion of Austria which only faltered on the outskirts of Vienna and continued to be a threat to Europe until the end of the eighteenth century. The media also floods the airways with images of hungry children in refugee camps. None of this was necessary. The Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian conflicts were manufactured by our State Department. The Syrian civil war could be ended today, allowing thousands of refugees to return home and begin re-building their lives, by one simple tactic; stop paying the “freedom fighters”. Cut off their support and they will move on, to the next conflict zone where they can apply their skills and the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief that just for the moment, we have avoided war.

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