Free Hot Dogs!!! Come on down to Fairmount Friday, Feb 16. Get a free hot dog and sign the petition to get Fred on the November ballot. We’ll be at Townsend’s Service Station from lunchtime ’til almost dinner. Don’t miss it!



On Saturday (4 /15) we had a great time at Hinton Milling’s Customer Appreciation Day. We met a bunch of great people who seemed very receptive to our message. One young man in particular kept coming back with new questions, really making me think. He’s only 17 now but will be 18 by election time and assures me I have his vote.The Rally at Spanky’s Gettin’ ready for FredStock

Everybody wants to be Fred

Saturday road trip took us to the furthest reaches of the south end of the District. We started out in Calhoun early in the day.From there it was on to Rome.We caught the Christmas Festival in Cave Springs.Then it was on to Cedartown where we met another great group of folks.We got to Tallapoosa in time for dinner and another great group.We got  such a good reception and were having such a good time that the clock got away from us. But we did make one more stop, in Buchanan.Everywhere we went we found friendly people who were receptive to our message. Stay tuned for more travels.