I was born in southwestern Michigan, and spent most of my early years there living in a small town where I was a good student and active in the Boy Scouts.

It was during this time that I went on a Scout sponsored trip to visit Native Americans in New Mexico and Colorado. These views of the west lit a spark in me that would grow into a restless flame.

During my adolescence my parents moved to the Chicago area. It was an exciting place at an exciting time for a young man but I was impatient to travel and when the circus left town I left town with it.

What followed were many years of wandering, following boom towns and opportunities, working at odd jobs to keep going. I drove a school bus in DC for Art Linkletter , managed a restaurant in West Virginia, worked river barges on the Ohio river, worked as a ranch hand in Wyoming, sold cars in Texas and tended bar in Alaska. Living Kerouac’s dream, I discovered an entire community “on the road”, everyone looking for something, everyone going somewhere. It was as good as America ever was and a generation was enjoying it to its fullest.

Eventually the love of a good woman slowed me down and I settled in Sacramento, California. After nearly five blissful years I sold my belongings and moved to Saipan, Northern Mariannas. After a brief sojourn there I returned to northern California for a short time before moving to central Texas.

In Texas I found stability and prosperity working in property management but after several years a change in staffing put me back on the road. I returned to California, choosing the central coast this time, San Luis Obispo.

In SLO I started a mobile home maintenance company and fell back on tutoring, a trade made easier by the presence of the California Polytechnic Institute in town. That provided a good income while still leaving me plenty of time to sail out of nearby Avila Bay.

California was good for many years but then Texas beckoned again, San Antonio this time, refurbishing a 600 unit apartment complex. As that project was nearing completion I was offered a position turning around a troubled hotel in southern California, another multi-year project. When that ended I stayed in LA managing a landscaping crew and framing houses for an additional year but with a new baby in the house I decided to get out of LA.

From the west coast of America to the west coast of Florida, Sarasota would be my home for the next several years. I moved to Atlanta for an opportunity but tired of life in the city. I sold my boat and bought forty acres of forested land in west Pickens County. I found work teaching at Pickens Technical Institute.

While I was teaching I was also a student, earning a Technical Certificate from Pickens and graduating with honors from Dalton State. Thus occupied for the next decade, I was building my computer skills and in two thousand two I struck out with a group from the school to start a computer-based training company.

Eventually the accumulation of damage from an auto accident forced me from the workforce. I became a house husband, my wife going off to work while I cook, clean, maintain and improve the property I call FredLand.

The last quarter century since I came to these hills has been the happiest time of my life.