About the Hack

There is much gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair and wailing among the chattering class over the issue of the hacking of the DNC database and the subsequent release of damaging emails. This begs a comment.

First of all is the hack itself. Movies and television constantly inform us that hackers routinely hide their origin, making it extremely difficult to determine the source. Given that the NSA has amazing tools, I would still suggest that there is room for doubt.

The second point is that of course the Russians are spying on us. We are a major power who is openly hostile to them. If their intelligence services were not spying on us they would not be doing their job. They would be fired (maybe with a vacation in Siberia) and a new crew brought in. This is in the Russian’s national interest. During the 2011 Parliamentary election in Russia the Clinton State Department openly supported parties that were in opposition to Mr. Putin. Is that so different?

Additionally Hillary all but promised a war against Russia. Donald promised a new, friendlier relationship. It is completely natural that they would prefer peace to war.

It is our responsibility to defend ourselves, against the Russians, the Chinese or whomever. Let’s leave the hypocrisy behind us and get on with the job. This reminds me of nothing so much as the classic movie Casablanca, when Louie, the Prefect of Police, is shocked to discover there is gambling going on in Rick’s Casino, as he accepts his winnings.

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