It’s time for Change

Hi, I’m Steve Abrams, most folks call me Fred. I’m running for the Congress of the United States, representing the 14th district of Georgia.

I wasn’t really looking for a new job. The truth is I’m a really lucky man. I live in a great place, I enjoy the love of a good woman, I eat every day and I have a roof that doesn’t leak. We have to watch our pennies but I feel rich. If pressed I would have to admit to some reservations about stepping away from this life but I have seen a threat to our democracy and in this time of change I felt there must be something I could do.

Tom Graves is the man who currently holds this job. I don’t know Mr. Graves and I don’t believe he is a bad man but I know that he was  installed in this job by the political machine. I get emails from him from time to time telling me what he’s accomplished for the machine, but that’s not what got me started.

I vote, and in election after election I have seen Mr. Grave’s name on the ballot with no challenger. Since he was selected by the Republican machine back in 2008 he has run unopposed in every congressional election save one. This is the sort of election that we see under dictators. Saddam Hussein claimed a mandate with 95% of the vote but there was nobody else on the ticket. I lived in Chicago for a while when I was young and there is one thing I learned. A political machine benefits most those who run the machine. This strikes me as decidedly un-democratic.

For many years over several elections I railed at my wife that somebody should do something. After one election I actually wrote an angry letter to the Democratic Party, asking them why they couldn’t find someone to run, just to offer an alternative. This cycle I had to admit that I could be that someone. My grandfather used to tell me “if you see something that needs doing don’t assume that someone else will do it. Take care of it.”

I’m just a regular person. I didn’t go to fancy schools like Harvard or Yale. I’m not a lawyer and I wasn’t a football hero but I have done lots of different jobs over the years, in lots of different places. I’ve done everything from loading bales of hay, cutting trees, making pizzas, and driving cab to managing construction projects and teaching at a tech school. I’ve even written a couple of books. I’ve never been afraid of trying something new. What I do have to offer is character and perspective and the good common sense that only comes from a lifetime of work.

Over the years I’ve been a student of history and politics. I even ran write-in campaigns against Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr. In each of those cases my friends told me that running for President was silly, that I should run for an office closer to home. I didn’t listen to them then but now I’m taking another look.

I’ve been halfway around the world and back. I’ve traveled all fifty states, all five Canadian provinces and every country south of the border from here to the Panama Canal. After seeing all those places I chose to live here in North Georgia. God bless all those people whose grandparents, parents and their own selves were born here and raised here. You don’t know how lucky you are.

When I first moved to these hills I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I would never be from here, that my children would never be from here, maybe my grandchildren would be but not me. That was nearly a quarter century ago and I’ve gotta tell ya, I kinda feel like I’m from here.

I have few illusions that I can overcome the Republican machine but at the end of voting if Mr. Graves is still your representative he can at least say he won the seat in a democratic election.


Next Steps…

You can volunteer to help or donate to the cause but whatever happens get out there and VoteFred!

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